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Pitt County Collision Kills Four Teens

Most people in North Carolina likely don’t think of the risk they assume every time they take to the state’s roads and highways. Rather, they assume that the other motorists they share the road with care as much about avoiding accidents as they do.

In most cases, that assumption proves true. Indeed, even when a car accident occurs, it is often due to a driver’s simple error in judgment. Yet there are cases where a driver may exhibit blatant negligence and recklessness in the operation of their vehicle. Sadly, the consequences of those actions are often catastrophic for others.

Speeding box truck driver causes fatal collision

A recent accident near Greenville confirmed this fact. Per the Raleigh News and Observer, four teens perished in a head-on collision on U.S. Highway 264 in Pitt County. All were passengers in the same vehicle; a fifth occupant suffered minor injuries. Authorities report the collision occurred when a box truck driver lost control of his vehicle and ran off the road, crossing the median and entering into oncoming traffic. He also sustained minor injuries. Reports indicate that officials believe the driver drove too fast given the rain-soaked road conditions. He now faces criminal charges stemming from his actions.

Seeking compensation alongside a criminal case

While most might agree that reckless drivers should face criminal scrutiny when their actions cause accidents, they also might worry that criminal proceedings might bar accident victims from seeking needed compensation. Yet that is not the case; legal officials understand that accident expenses do not wait for courts to come to a verdict. Thus, they permit one to pursue a civil liability claim simultaneously alongside a criminal case related to the same matter.

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