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Will COVID-19 Change the Workers’ Compensation System Forever?

Even after the worst part of the coronavirus pandemic subsides, it will likely take many years to assess the ways it has altered American society and culture. Certainly, the effects on employment and the healthcare industry will be significant, so we should expect laws to change to address those changed circumstances. Accordingly, states might be… Read More »

Can You Bring an Emotional Distress Claim Related to COVID-19?

The novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 is not only potentially deadly, but can be transmitted by individuals who are not showing any symptoms, so people might fear that they’ve contracted the illness even if they feel fine. While the virus has existed in the United States for months, obtaining a test is still difficult in… Read More »

Drop in Car Crashes, Spike in Bicycle Accidents Linked to Coronavirus

Once Americans came to understand how deadly the coronavirus can be and how easily it is passed from person to person, transportation habits changed. Not only did people drastically curtail business and personal travel, but many stopped going to their workplaces. That has led to a reduction in car accidents at the same time that… Read More »

USA Today Article Discusses Complications from Childbirth

There are many complications that can be experienced during childbirth, which leave mothers suffering from life-altering injuries or even death. A recent article in USA Today reviews these risks and discusses what hospitals should be doing to help. Read the article here.

We Welcome Experienced Legal Nurse Consultant to our Medical Malpractice Team!

Our Law Firm has been honored to assist numerous clients impacted by medical malpractice, including families with children effected by cerebral palsy and other birth injuries caused by negligence during labor and delivery. As we continue our efforts to better serve our clients, we welcome Karen Dickerson, RN-BSN, JD as the newest member of our… Read More »

New Bill Gives FDA More Power to Regulate Compounding Pharmacies

History has shown time and again that under-regulated drug production can have widespread, deadly results. Victims often find little solace in government legislation that only subsequently comes into effect to prevent further harm.

Think Before You Settle Your Car Accident Case

The desire of car accident victims to quickly settle their claims with insurance adjusters is understandable. An injured person may want to focus on healing rather than fighting a protracted legal battle. In most cases, however, quickly settling a car accident claim can leave victims without the compensation they deserve. Patience is a legal virtue… Read More »

Worker’s Compensation Representation in North Carolina

The North Carolina Worker’s Compensation Act (the “Act”) is designed to protect injured workers who are hurt on the job. If you have been injured in an accident at work, your employer must provide necessary medical treatment and disability benefits for the time you are unable to work. In these tough economic times, you may… Read More »

Alarming Lack of Research Dedicated to Cerebral Palsy

The cruel reality about cerebral palsy (CP) is that while it remains the most common motor disability disorder in children, it still has no known cure. The federal government’s alarming lack of dedication to the search for a cure for CP has certainly not furthered the prospects of those with this disorder. Lack of research… Read More »

Key Reasons to Consult with an Attorney Following Your Accident

If you’ve been injured due to the negligent or reckless actions of another, it is very likely that the thought of consulting with a lawyer has crossed your mind. You may hesitate for several reasons, including the often-mistaken belief that the facts of your case are so strong that they will speak for themselves in… Read More »