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Fighting For Clients In A Range Of Civil Disputes

If you have a legal grievance against another person or business, you most likely have a civil claim. Any noncriminal legal dispute falls under this umbrella. Such contested matters can range from a medical malpractice complaint to a landlord-tenant dispute. Drawing on our over 30 years of experience, Hensley Cloninger & Greer, P.C., assists clients in all types of civil matters.

Attorney John C. Hensley, Jr., backed with a skilled professional staff, is experienced in building strong cases and fighting for clients through tough negotiation and skilled litigation. We look forward to reaching a beneficial settlement for you through negotiations or a positive verdict in court, if necessary.

Providing Legal Counsel To clients In Litigation, Arbitration And Mediation

The courtroom is not the only place to resolve a legal issue. Contested issues can also reach a legal conclusion through arbitration and agreements made through mediation. Our lawyers stand by clients throughout these processes to reach the best possible solutions to issues involving personal injury, construction, medical malpractice, ERISA claims, divorce, commercial disputes, business transactions, breach of contract, contract drafting and denial of short-term or long-term disability. We ensure your rights are protected throughout the process and in the final resolution.

Get The Help You Need From Experienced Civil Litigation Lawyers

For assistance with civil litigation matters, call Hensley Cloninger & Greer, P.C., at 828-585-6558 or contact us online and discuss your case at your free initial consultation. Our Asheville-based firm represents clients throughout the Southeast through pro hac vice admissions.

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