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Karen  Dickerson, RN-BSN, JD Photo
Karen Dickerson, RN-BSN, JD Legal Nurse Consultant


Karen is a Registered Nurse with over 28 years of experience. She has worked in a variety of positions throughout her bedside career including the Operating Room, Labor and Delivery, Clinical Coordinator of a GYN Oncology Clinic and Hospital Supervisor over a large Trauma 1 Teaching Hospital. She has traveled across the country assisting doctors and hospitals in providing expert care and guidance in the care of obstetrical and newborn patients.

After working as a Legal Nurse Consultant at a law firm in Charleston, South Carolina, Karen decided to complement her nursing degree with a degree in law. She received her Juris Doctorate from the Charleston School of Law in 2007.

Karen specializes in medical malpractice. She has a special interest in obstetrical cases involving problems such as pre-eclampsia, cerebral palsy, birth injuries and birth hypoxia.

In her spare time, Karen enjoys baking, concerts, the beach, painting furniture and antiquing.