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Your neck and back are lined with vertebrae that encase your spinal nerves. Between these bones are cushions called discs, which give flexibility and mobility to your head and torso. Discs are often described as being like jelly donuts, with a firmer outer layer filled with a softer, pliable material. Damage to the disc can cause the inner fluid to ooze out of its casing and put pressure on the spinal nerves. The resulting injury is often extremely painful and debilitating.

Hensley Cloninger & Greer, P.C. has more than 30 years of experience in personal injury recovery. Our legal team handles challenging spinal injury cases that require substantial legal and medical knowledge. We can help you obtain the maximum compensation available for your disc injury.

Causes Of Herniated Discs

Disc herniation may occur through natural wear and tear, because of a violent jolt or blow to the body, or from a quick, awkward movement. The herniation may be associated with:

  • Work injuries: Workers in occupations that require heavy manual labor — such as construction and manufacturing trades — are at high risk of sustaining a ruptured disc
  • Auto accidents: The extreme impact from a car, truck or motorcycle accident accounts for a large number of back and neck injuries in North Carolina
  • Slips, trips and falls: Even a seemingly minor stumble can result in a serious back injury
  • Medical malpractice: An improperly inserted epidural or spinal block can damage the disc
  • Sports and recreation injury: Schools and community teams are responsible for providing your children with appropriate safeguards to prevent spinal injury while they engaging in football, gymnastics, diving, water polo and other high-risk sports

Symptoms And Prognosis Of A Slipped Disc

Some people who suffer a herniated disc remain asymptomatic. The majority of injury victims, however, may experience problems ranging from weakness, numbness, tingling and pain to loss of sensory and motor functionality. The affected body parts depend on the location of the injury. Damage to the cervical discs often radiates into the arms, hands and fingers. Lumbar disc injury may cause sciatica, saddle anesthesia and bladder and bowel dysfunction.

Get The Legal Help You Need To Recover Compensation For Your Herniated Disc Injury

Your initial consultation is complimentary and we handle your case on contingency. Our attorneys schedule after-hours and weekend appointments to accommodate your schedule.

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