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Can I Choose My Own Doctor To Treat My Workplace Injury?

Your medical issues are likely a sensitive topic for you and a workplace injury does not have to be an exception. Many people like to trust their medical treatment from a preferred doctor. You might not always have this option when it comes to receiving workers’ compensation, but it may happen under certain circumstances.

It is crucial to know when and how you can have your chosen doctor treat you. If you do not follow the correct steps, you might not receive compensation for your treatment.

First steps to receive treatment

After receiving an injury on the job, you should tell your employer about your injury or an illness if you contracted one from the workplace. Filing state claim Form 18 is another step to take. These procedures help clear the way for you to receive treatment from a doctor. However, you must see a health care provider from your employer’s insurance plan or a provider your employer designates.

Changing your doctor

According to North Carolina law, there is a way to change your treating doctor. You must submit a request to the state Industrial Commission that lays out a case for why a different doctor will help cure your condition or provide you with relief. You may also explain why changing your doctor will lessen the time it takes to recover from your condition and regain your ability to work. The commission will make a decision based on the quality of evidence for your argument.

Changing your treatment

You might not find it necessary to change your doctor. You just want a different treatment than the one your current provider recommends. If so, you may utilize the same procedures to request the commission to order the treatment you want. Options such as these may help you feel more confident that you will return to work in a timely manner.

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