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Do Repetitive Strain Injuries Put Your Future At Risk?


No matter what field you work in, you are at risk for repetitive strain injuries. These occur when you repeat the same motions every day. Anyone from car mechanics to teachers to bank tellers risk the formation of these injuries. 

Unfortunately, repetitive strain injuries are no laughing matter, either. In fact, one RSI has the potential to jeopardize your entire career. 

RSIs cause physical damage

Healthline looks at repetitive strain injuries, or RSIs. As mentioned, RSIs happen when you repeat the same motion too often. Examples include cashiers, receptionists who spend all day typing and assembly line workers. RSIs cause inflammation in the overused area. The inflammation then pinches the surrounding nerves. This results in pain, tingling, numbness and nerve damage. 

One of the most well-known types of RSI is carpal tunnel syndrome. Workers who develop this must rest their wrist for days or sometimes weeks. Without rest, the inflammation and swelling will not decrease. Pressure continues to build, creating great pain for the sufferer. In some cases, it even affects your range of motion. This can directly impact your ability to do your job. 

How RSIs impact your work

If you do not take care of an RSI in its early stages, it will continue to worsen. Rest is the only cure in most cases. But if you allow the injury to progress, you may have to get surgery so your body can heal the rest of the way. This forces you to take even more time off work. Not to mention it could reduce your range of motion. Your affected limb could always tire and strain more easily even after healing, too. This could impact your ability to work, especially if your job is very physical.