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Injury Risks as a Woodworker in North Carolina

Many citizens in North Carolina make their living as woodworkers. In fact, North Carolina has a higher number of woodworkers compared to most other states.

The job can be rewarding, well-paid and there is generally no shortage of building work going on at any one time. Nevertheless, the vocation is also hazardous at times. Woodworkers need to protect themselves from the following common risks.

Falls from a height

Not all construction work occurs at ground level. Woodworkers frequently have to access stations that are at a height. Typically, ladders or scaffolding platforms are utilized to provide access. However, using such equipment can be a risky business. One wrong step on a ladder can result in a devastating fall. Additionally, if faulty ladders or platforms are used, the risk of falling increases substantially.

Power tool injuries

Power tools can help get the job done much more efficiently, but these tools can also come at a cost to personal safety. Saws, grinders and nail guns are all commonly used by woodworkers. If these machines are worn or faulty or do not have the appropriate safety features, a worker on-site could be placed in unnecessary danger.

Visual injuries

Sawdust comes with the territory of working with wood. Most of the time, this material is completely harmless. However, if it is airborne and makes contact with the eyes, it can cause painful injuries. Employers must provide woodworkers with the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), such as goggles, gloves and protective clothing. It is also crucial that companies have a protocol in place, should an accident occur on-site.

You have a legal right to work in a safe environment. If you feel that a lack of safety protocol has led to your injury, be sure to check out your legal options.

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