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What Are Defective Drugs?

When you go to the doctor for a certain problem, you expect your health professionals to help you. This may include your doctor prescribing you medications. The last thing you would expect is for the medication to have no effect, or even make your condition worse.

Unfortunately, there are times where defective or dangerous drugs cause harm to patients instead of helping them. If you sustain injuries due to a medication, you may wonder if someone prescribed you a defective drug.

When serious side effects go unlisted

Most medications carry some risk of side effects. FindLaw states that although side effects are normal, they must be listed clearly so consumers are aware of them. If you experience serious side effects that manufacturers did not disclose on the label, the drug could be defective.

Defective drugs carry side effects that are so severe or deadly, the risks outweigh the benefits of taking the medications.

When drug companies market improperly

There are many times when a certain drug can treat multiple conditions. As a result, drug manufacturers may market a single drug for various applications. Injuries may occur, however, when companies market drugs for conditions that they do not really treat.

For example, if there are not enough studies out to prove that a certain drug can help reduce inflammation, but a company markets it that way anyway, this is improper marketing.

If you sustain injuries because of a medication, the drug manufacturer may be liable for damages. It is disheartening to be the victim of a defective drug and you may be able to collect compensation.

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