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How Can The Use Of Forceps Cause Injuries During Birth?

In most cases, doctors delivering a baby take many safety precautions during a birth. However, a forceps delivery carries extra complications with it that a regular delivery may not.

The use of forceps can cause damage to both the mother and the child if used incorrectly.

Health complications for the mother

According to the Mayo Clinic, since forceps are instruments used to help a baby’s head out of the birth canal, many health complications in your lower body can arise after birth. You may struggle with the inability to properly empty your bladder or urinate, or have intense feelings of discomfort. Some women have tears in their lower genital tract.

Take note of any issues with your bladder or urethra after you give birth. Sometimes your pelvic organs drop lower due to weak muscles, which is commonly known as pelvic organ prolapse. The use of forceps during a delivery increases your chances of these health complications.

Health complications for the baby

When it comes to injuries a baby may deal with after birth, face and eye injuries occur most regularly. Eye trauma from improperly used forceps, along with minor tears or bruises, can signal a tough delivery. In more intense cases, skull fractures or damage can also occur.

Sometimes, the facial muscles are also affected. This can mean your child may have seizures or kinds of temporary paralysis. Facial palsy usually includes the weakening of the facial muscles, which includes the inability to move some muscles or make certain expressions. Knowing the risks of improper forceps use can lead to explanations for birth injuries.

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