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Case Verdicts and Settlements

Hensley Cloninger, P.C. takes pride in its endeavor to win compensation for our clients. While all cases are different and no attorney can guarantee results, we wanted to show some of the past successes our lawyers have achieved on behalf of our injury clients. These past results should not be construed to suggest the likely outcome of your case.


  • $330,000 – On behalf of a motorcyclist struck by a vehicle. We were assured that the first $30,000 was all the insurance coverage available, but our research led us to another $300,000 for our client.
  • $100,000 – On behalf of a woman struck by a car in a parking lot. The impact aggravated pre-existing conditions and the insurance company paid the full amount of their coverage.
  • $150,000 – On behalf of a man injured in a rear-end collision. The driver that hit him was on the clock. The insurance company had offered less than half this amount but then offered the full amount after the firm developed the case through litigation.


  • $5.9 MILLION DOLLAR VERDICT – Served as lead trial attorney and obtained the largest single plaintiff’s verdict on record in Western North Carolina on behalf of a 5-year-old boy with cerebral palsy allegedly caused by the negligence of his doctor during a vacuum extraction delivery. Additional amounts were obtained for the parents.
  • $4.75 MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT – On behalf of child who suffered brain damage allegedly caused by a delay in proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • $3.25 MILLION, $2.35 MILLION, $2 MILLION, $2 MILLION, $1.55 MILLION, $1.5 MILLION and $1.1 MILLION in SETTLEMENTS – On behalf of children with brain damage and cerebral palsy allegedly caused by medical negligence during their delivery.
  • $850,000 SETTLEMENT – On behalf of 64-year-old man with partial paralysis allegedly caused by physician’s failure to properly diagnose a spinal fracture following a fall.

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  • $2,370,000 MILLION DOLLAR SETTLEMENT – On behalf of a man injured in a motor vehicle collision and suffering multiple injuries. The comp insurance was actually paying some benefits to him but we advised him of many other benefits he was entitled to and we negotiated this settlement just before a hearing.
  • $1,544,000 MILLION DOLLARS – On behalf of a man who fell off of a work truck and suffered a brain injury.
  • $685,000 – On behalf of a man injured in a motor vehicle collision and suffering a brain injury.
  • $330,000 SETTLEMENT – On behalf of woman with back injuries and chronic pain following fall at work.
  • $290,000 SETTLEMENT – On behalf of woman who sustained a back injury at work.
  • $275,000 on behalf of a woman injured when trying to open a door the employer knew to be broken. The employer had been warned of this danger several times, and the woman suffered significant injuries when the door stuck and the contents inside that door shifted.
  • $200,000 SETTLEMENT – With an insurance company on behalf of a disabled professional who was denied benefits under their long-term disability policy.
  • $175,000 SETTLEMENT – On behalf of man who sustained a knee injury at work.
  • $100,000 – On behalf of an employee at a school that injured his back while catching a falling trash can. There had been several reported issues with the trash cans prior to this injury. We helped the employee get the surgeries he needed and we negotiated where many state employees are never offered a workers’ comp settlement.

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Helping you make a financial recovery from your injuries

When you have been wronged and are suffering the consequences, you need a strong advocate in your corner. Hensley Cloninger, P.C. in Asheville works toward the best possible result for each client every time. Representing injury victims throughout North Carolina and the southeastern U.S. (through pro hac vice admission), we look forward to helping you recover financially while you recover physically. Call us at 828-348-0092 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation today.