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How Common Are Never Events?

Based on the name, you would assume that never events are, quite simply, events that never happen. And in the medical community, this is certainly what the term means. It refers specifically to things that take place even though there is never an occasion in which they should do so.

That said, the name indicates more about what should happen than what actually does happen. As you’ll see, these never events are actually very common, and they can lead to some serious injuries. Many of them even wind up being fatal.

A leading cause of death

One way to look at these statistics is by considering how often these never events or medical mistakes will lead to the passing of the patient. According to some sources, medical errors are shockingly the leading cause of accidental death in the entire United States. Reports show that these mistakes cause more fatalities than any other types of accidental deaths, such as car accidents or workplace accidents.

When you consider this, you also have to remember that many of these mistakes happen in a medical setting, and the patients are saved. Just because they survived doesn’t mean they haven’t suffered catastrophic injuries, however. A wrong-site surgery that results in the amputation of the wrong limb, for instance, can change the entire course of someone’s life.

If you have suffered due to a medical mistake or if you’ve lost a family member, you need to take the time to consider all of your legal options. You may be able to seek significant compensation for things like medical bills or lost wages.

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