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Manual Distractions Still Lead To Distracted Driving

Drivers usually know that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous. Part of the problem may be that they define distraction in different ways. They do not realize they are participating in such a dangerous activity, even when they clearly are doing so. 

For instance, many people consider anything that makes them look away from the road to be a distraction. This could include texting and driving, where they look down at the screen. As long as they have their eyes on the road, they feel safe. 

Keeping your eyes on the road isn’t enough to avoid distractions

They’re not wrong that looking away from the road is distracting. It’s just that this doesn’t go far enough, as the CDC defines distractions as anything that is visual, cognitive or manual. 

For example, when someone takes their hand off the steering wheel to pick up a cup of coffee, they may do it by feel. They may still look at the road the entire time, even as they take a drink and put the cup back down. This is safer than not looking at the road, of course, but the CDC’s definition means that it is still a distraction. They are not as fully in control of the car as they should be, and that could lead to a serious accident. 

You could be injured in a wreck with a distracted driver

Just because a driver doesn’t realize they’re distracted doesn’t mean they are actually driving safely. This can put you at risk when sharing the road. If they cause an auto wreck and you suffer serious injuries, you may be able to seek compensation for lost wages, medical bills and much more.

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