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Traffic Accidents And Spinal Cord Injuries


If you find yourself in a high-speed traffic crash, you could suffer various consequences. Some injuries, such as spinal cord trauma, are especially concerning. These debilitating injuries have the potential to upend your life in countless ways and are often especially painful to recover from. Each year, many victims suffer as a result of spinal cord trauma and other injuries during high-impact auto accidents. 

Motor vehicle collisions cause various consequences and if a reckless driver recently struck you or a loved one, take a look at the legal options in front of you. 

How do traffic accidents cause spinal cord injuries?

According to MedlinePlus, motor vehicle collisions can cause spinal cord injuries in different ways. For example, some people suffer spinal cord injuries because their neck, back or head is suddenly pulled or pressed during an accident. Moreover, some accident victims suffer spinal cord trauma due to shards of metal. In fact, even minor accidents can result in spinal cord injuries. Among men between the ages of 15 and 35, many high-impact spinal cord injuries occur as a result of accidents that take place while riding in a fast-moving vehicle. 

How do spinal cord injuries affect traffic crash victims?

A serious spinal cord injury has the potential to disrupt your life in many different ways. For example, you could experience extreme pain, paralysis, a loss of sensation in different parts of your body. Some people with spinal cord trauma lose the ability to walk for the rest of their lives and these injuries often result in significant emotional and financial hardships as well.