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What Are Dangerous Driving Habits For Truckers?

Semitrucks are very large and are extremely heavy, especially when they’re fully loaded. They can do serious damage to other vehicles if they slam into them. Because of this, truckers must ensure they’re driving safely at all times. 

There are many actions a trucker can take that can lead to crashes that cause injuries. Anyone who’s on the road should pay close attention to the truckers around them. While the truckers are responsible for how they drive, other drivers can try to avoid rigs that are being driven improperly.

Some drivers simply shouldn’t be on the road

Truckers shouldn’t ever be aggressive when they drive. Trying to change lanes often or quickly, traveling faster than the speed limit, and tailgating other vehicles are very unsafe. It takes semitrucks much longer than other vehicles to stop, so truckers must always leave ample space between the vehicle in front of them and their rig so they aren’t at risk of a rear-end crash, such as the one involving actor Tracy Morgan.

Distractions, fatigue, and impairment are also deadly for all drivers. Truckers shouldn’t ever drive if they aren’t fully mentally and physically capable. 

Anyone who’s been involved in a semitruck crash should ensure that they get the medical care they need. The injuries that stem from these crashes are sometimes catastrophic, so they can negatively impact a person’s life. Victims may opt to pursue a claim for compensation to help cover the financial damages they’re dealing with because of those injuries. Be sure to get your claim filed quickly if you’re going through this. North Carolina law sets time limits on personal injury cases. 

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