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What Influences Workers' Compensation Rates?


The benefit of workers’ compensation insurance in North Carolina is for both you and your employer. When leveraged the right way, its implementation can provide protection, resource savings and support following a work-related injury. 

Depending on your employer and the industry you work in, your employer will pay differing amounts for workers’ compensation insurance. Your understanding of your coverage and under what circumstances it applies will help you utilize your benefits the right way if you end up needing to use them. 

Elements of the job

While workers’ compensation insurance has great value, your employer should still do everything in their power to provide a safe and functional work environment. Likewise, your responsibility is to abide by protocols, report danger and encourage your coworkers to observe safety practices. 

According to the North Carolina Department of Insurance, if your employer has over three employees, state law requires workers’ compensation insurance. Some of the elements that may influence insurance rates include the following: 

  • The type and frequency of training your employer provides 
  • The maintenance of work equipment 
  • The observance of you and your coworkers in wearing proper safety gear 
  • The effort of your employer to prevent injury 
  • The housekeeping protocols in and around your workspace 

Optimizing the benefit

If you suffer an injury at work, your proactive communication with your employer may work in your favor to begin receiving workers’ compensation benefits as soon as possible. Allowing too much time to lapse between your injury and when you report what happened may disqualify you from collecting benefits. Additionally, verify which doctors and other medical professionals are in network with your employer’s insurance provider to prevent the disappointment of having to foot the bill for your treatment.